When it comes to peafowl, you can safely say we are addicted!  Our numbers range from 80-100+ depending on the time of year.

We keep several colors including Bronze, Opal, Peach, Blue and Purple.  Within each color we have at least one (and often 2 or 3) different patterns.  Between all the colors we keep we have all five approved patterns and are working on potentially one more pattern, progressive pied.  You can read more about our efforts <here>.

For the 2014 breeding season we will have the following pens: Bronze White Eyed, Bronze Black Shoulder, Opal White Eye, Purple Spalding Black Shoulder, Peach, Black Shoulder split Peach and a Mixed pen including a Silver pied split peach male and a White split peach male along with an assortment of peahens.  Although we aren’t releasing any hatching eggs or birds just yet, you can check out the progress on our project pen of Bronze Progressive Pied too.

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    1. admin Post author

      Hi Walter,

      I’m sorry but we do not have any Peach available for sale at this time. We have sold out of hatching eggs for 2015 as well but you can contact us this fall at to inquire on availability of 2015 hatch peach chicks.
      Jen Louden


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