Split Peach


In addition to our Peach pen we have three split Peach males.  A Black Shoulder, a White and a  Silver Pied.




We really enjoy working with

these males because they hatch out both Peach and Blue chicks in various patterns.  Some of the prettiest Pied chicks we’ve hatched have come out of these pens.DSC_0713jun11

4 thoughts on “Split Peach

  1. Nikhil

    how can i get on the waiting list and can you sell i male chick and one female chick that are young so 2 chicks in total?

    1. admin Post author

      We no longer have our split peach pen but do have a number of other varieties available. Chicks can be sold unsexed early on or sexed at few months. Price will vary based on age and variety. You can contact us at sales@loudenfarms.com for more information.


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