Black Copper Marans

Our flock of Black Copper Marans is a breed we have worked very hard on over the last several years.  We are members of the Marans Chicken Club and breed to APA standard, including feathered shanks on all our birds.  Our birds are very friendly and quite hardy in our cold Ohio winters.  The main thing Marans are known for is their dark egg color and we do not disappoint there either.  It is quite a delight to collect these beautiful eggs.

Black Copper Marans Eggs surrounding an Olive Egg in center.

Black Copper Marans Eggs surrounding an Olive Egg.

Our ‘main man’ is Max the rooster.  Max is very gentle with both his ladies and our kiddos.  He loves to be cuddled and is quite a ham for the camera.


8 thoughts on “Black Copper Marans

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kim,

      We do have a wait list for both our Lavender Ameraucana and Black Coppers Marans eggs. If you would like me to add you to our wait list just let me know the desired amount of each and I will contact you when shipping is closer. We are just doing a test hatch now to check fertility and will start shipping off our list soon. As this point, eggs would be mid to late May.

      thank you
      Jen and Jay Louden

  1. Hannah Rankin

    My daughter has one black copper hen and you are right as she is sweet and loving. We are thrilled when she serves up her beautiful eggs. Hannah would love to add to her Marans lady. Do you have any black copper starter pullets? We live in the Chicago area and I would be able to drive to you to pick up any available Marans.

    We have had a difficult time finding true black coppers with feathered legs and I refuse to buy any more chickens from “factory breeders”. So we are most happy to have found you on the Chicken Chick web site.

    Thank you,
    Russelle and Hannah Rankin

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Hannah,

      I don’t currently have any birds available at the moment but we should have some either late fall or early Spring. Feel free to contact me directly at I’d be happy to help your daughter out. Having four young kiddos ourselves I know how much fun they can have with their birds, not much better than a kid and their bird. <3

  2. sandra

    How many chickens do you need to buy. I like the Black Copper Marans. Do you sell only chicks or older laying hens? How far are you from Dayton, Ohio or Columbus, Ohio?

      1. Duane Reeves

        Hi, My wife is looking to add black Copper Marans to her flock of free range chickens. She is only looking for pullets somewhere in the amount of about 10. She was hoping to find some this spring, any chance you have any available. Ann Arbor Mi area, Thanks, Duane

        1. admin Post author

          Hi Duane,

          Sorry but we do not have any Black Copper Marans pullets available at this time. Good luck in your search.

          thank you
          Jen Louden


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