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We are a small poultry farm, located in Geauga County in Northeast Ohio.  Our location is very, very snowy (over 100 inches a year!) but none of our animals seem to mind!  Look around, you’ll see lots of winter pictures.  We have four young children who just LOVE living on a farm and are always eager to lend a hand!

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We never know what ‘farm’ animal they are going to want next!  Check out our Farm Animals Page (COMING SOON) to see some of our non-poultry critters.
We raise chickens and peafowl, along with a menagerie of random farm animals that complete our little farm.   We keep Black Copper Marans, Lavender Ameraucana’s, Olive Eggers and bantam Russian Orloff’s.  You can visit our Chickens page to see information on each breed.

We keep seven colors (Blue, Purple, Bronze, Opal, Peach, Cameo,) and all five UPA approved patterns of peafowl.  In addition, we are working on a project to hopefully produce another approved UPA pattern, progressive pied.  You can visit our Peafowl page for links to each of the colors/patterns we keep.

We are an NPIP certified farm (#31-467) which not only certifies a flock clean of Pullorum and Avian Iinfluenze but also allows us to ship anywhere in the US.

Take a look around, we have lots of pictures and information here and if you’d like, email us at Louden Farms; We’d love to hear from you!


Jen with our BCM rooster, Max.

Jay with an Opal Peacock

Jay capturing a young escaped Opal Peacock.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Valerie Gubitose

    I would like to become a Member At UPA how do i have to do this.
    Best Regards Valerie Gubitose

  2. Robert Burns

    I saw you website and your ad, do you sell lavendar couchin bantam hatching eggs?
    I am looking this breed .
    I have breeds in ameraucana silver, black, wheaten and wheaten, If you have the eggs I want, be gald to exchange with you>

    1. admin Post author

      HI Robert,

      No we do not been any bantams in any breed anymore. We do not raise any Cochins.
      good luck in your search
      Jen Louden

  3. Nancy

    Jen, sorry I haven’t been in touch since we received the eggs. They were all so beautiful and exciting. Thank you for the extra Lavender and copper. We are so excited to have 3 absolutely beautiful peachicks. Named them #1 “Hummer”–
    she came out humming and is so rotten, #2 “Miracle”—-had to give him a little help. His shell was so very thick he could not chip it , so he pushed it open mostly and was so exhausted after 6 hours I helped him out with twizzers. I was reluctant since I am so new with hatching but so glad I did. He was drying and his cord was already dry. That shell seemed to be twice as thick as the others. So therefore “Miracle” is a miracle in my opinion. #3 is “Rocky”—rocked that egg for hours before he came out with a bound! Thank God and you I have the most precious peachicks in the world. They love to be held and loved and fall asleep in my hands. Thank you!
    Only 1 Black Copper Maran hatched. He is already trying to crow, is totally adorable, will fall asleep on his back in our hands. Love him! Wish we could have had more to hatch. And lastly those gorgeous Lavenders–had 4 to hatch. They really have the most charming personalities. Want to be held, but don’t want to give in sometimes. Love them so much.
    This has been such an xciting experience. Have enjoyed it so much. Do you have any specific info about the peachicks I need to know. I still have them in house in a birdcage. What should I have for them in the bottom? Do they need vitamins in their water? feeding a 24% game show feed. Is this alright? What age do you start worming them and what do you use?
    Again thanks and hope I can someday visit your farm.
    Nancy Kelley obgarden@embarqmail.com Wallace, NC


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