Olive Eggers


We have crossed our Black Copper Marans with our Ameraucana’s to produce what are known as olive eggers.  This isn’t a recognized breed and there are several ways you can go about creating birds that lay olive eggs but we have chosen these two breeds for their gorgeous egg colors and because they produce quite lovely birds. 

One interesting thing to note about these eggs is that although they are a rich olive color on the outside, on the inside they are blue (like the Ameraucana’s lay).  This is due to the nature of the cross, the blue egg color is brought in from the Ameraucana and then the Black Copper Marans influence ‘paints’ a very dark brown over top of that, thereby producing the rich olive color you see.

Our main rooster is blue with straw hackles, our girls are blue and look very much like our Ameraucana girls.  All our olive eggers are clean shanked with slate legs.  We have hatched blue, black and splash chicks. 


Olive Egg Layers